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Famo.us is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to build beautiful cross-platform apps. It is the only framework that provides an open source 3D layout engine fully integrated with a 3D physics-based animation engine that can render to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL.

The JavaScript developer community eagerly greeted the spring 2014 public beta release of the Famo.us open source UI-rendering framework. Famo.us promises to eliminate some of the last bottlenecks that prevented JavaScript and web technology from dominating the mobile development scene: slow UIs and a poor user experience (UX).

With Famo.us, you can create near-native (60 FPS) experiences in web + mobile apps by writing very little code.

Famo.us targets the hardware graphics processing unit (GPU) on the mobile device to achieve the highest possible rendering frame rate, and it adds a sophisticated physics engine for a gratifying UX. JavaScript developers are no longer at a disadvantage compared to Objective-C, Swift, or Java™ developers when they create UIs for mobile apps.

Main Features Famo.us enables application developers to build beautiful native speed based apps and games in HTML5 that take advantage of famo.us' 3D rendering, 3D physics, multi-screen and gesture engines. Designers can access the motion via the physics engine without coding, application developers can build quickly using app templates and widgets without worrying about performance and platform engineers can build their own primitives from scratch with direct source code access to the full power of the famo.us engines.

Leaff and Famo.us

Leaff, in collaboration with Famousco.de, has founded "Famou.us in Italy": the first Meetup in Italy dedicated to famo.us enthusiasts.

Our aim is to use this brand-new technology in our web-based products and help creating a stable community around famo.us

Leaff has organized the first Famo.us Dev Conf in Italy