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Mo.Di.BOT: Mobile Diagnostic Robot

Subject: Service ROBOT for quality check in the realiability Laboratory of household Appliances

The innovation proposed in this project is to conceive diagnosis station and testing system, not as fixed but as flexible systems based on mobile robots equipped with mechatronic modules and diagnostic sensors. The robot will be interconnected with the production system in order to exchange data useful for controlling process and products, and to achieve the full integration of measurement processes with the rest of the production system.

The availability of advanced sensors on board of a mobile robot offers several advantages. The main one is an increased flexibility and adaptivity, achieved thanks to the ability of the robot to move even in a low structured environment and to reconfigure the measuring task depending on the type of product and its position.

In life test laboratories, the main advantage is that a mobile robot allows the sharing of sensors moving from one machine to another according to a serial sequence. This avoids replicating the same measuring instruments on the various stations operating in parallel in a test lab, and makes the strategy proposed competitive in relation to classical solutions, allowing the use of few measuring instruments but more complex in order to guarantee a high level of product quality.

The automation of measuring and diagnosis in production and in life test laboratories also pursues the objective of ensuring a high standard for repeatability and reproducibility of the tests. It is very important in a context where a large part of tests is performed by human operators, both in terms of technical improvement of the measurement process and in terms of avoiding repetitive and fatiguing occupations.

The mobile robot has to:
Sensors positioned on the robot:
  • Mobile Platform RobuLAB80 by Robosoft
  • Laser Vibrometer IVS 300 by Polytec
  • 14 Microphones Array by PCB
  • 3 DOF Robotic Arm by Schunk
  • High-resolution Color Camera by IDS
  • Stereoscopic Camera by Videre Design
  • 7 White Leds illuminator by OSRAM
  • Tactile Sensor by Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa

The development of the Mobile Diagnostic Robot project is pursued through the following objectives:


Leaff Contribution

Audio data acquisition procedures, DSP algorithms developing on embedded platforms (eg: background noise cancellation)

Co-funded by: Regione Marche - POR MARCHE FESR 2007-2013 Intervento "Promozione ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale in filiere produttive"