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Leaff Engineering was selected as a supplier by M.A.G. (Mecaer Aviation Group), to cooperate in the design and development of the In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge (I-FEEL) system, whichis now available for installation on most medium and heavy helicopter models.

I-FEEL has been certified by M.A.G aboard an AgustaWestland AW139 with EASA STC 10031938 and M.A.G is the exclusive holder of the intellectual and industrial property rights for the system.

I-FEEL represents a significant step forward in the market of entertainment and cabin management systems for helicopters and tremendously enhances the passenger in-flight cabin experience and comfort: distinctive features of the I-FEEL system are its convenience and flexibility, which allow short installation times and customized configuration to the specific needs of the operator.

The system is based on a unique hardware architecture which introduces innovative technologies.

At the core of the software system is the NU-Tech Kernel (NUKe), a proprietary technology by Leaff Engineering aimed to real-time A/V applications (www.nu-tech-dsp.com).

Main features of the I-FEEL are: interphone communication system (ICS) with collective and selective communications, a built-in hard disc to store audio and video files and any number of audio and video systems including, but not limited to, moving maps, CD and MP3 player, iPod, DVD player, laptop and camera.

Also, user friendly touch-screens, with customizable icons, can provide all passengers with direct control of intercommunication and entertainment utilities.

I-FEEL sets a new standard in IFE audio quality: Leaff made use of all its experience in DSP and digital audio to obtain crystal-clear sound reproduction and high quality intercom communication. A hardware board designed by Leaff and suitably interfaced to NUke framework provides pristine audio channels up to 24bit 192kHz.

Passengers' connectivity is supplied by GSM and SATCOM terminals: full integration in the system provides private calls, conference calls and pilot calls.

Cabin functions include an environment control system (ECS) as well as direct control of cabin lighting, speakers, cockpit partition window, and window shades.

From the very beginning, the I-FEEL development efforts were focused on usability and efficiency : while all the complexity is hidden under the hood,the user can enjoy an intuitive and carefully designed graphical interface. In case of need, even the most demanding VIP can be satisfied by reconfiguring, redesigning or personalizing the GUI.

The modularity of the I-FEEL architecture makes it easy to integrate new software functions with any number of special mission equipment aboard the helicopter.