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SMYTER (SMart energY meTER)

Subject: Development of an innovative system for energy monitoring and smart energy management for home automation

The project consisted in the study and development of a new product able to monitor and manage in real time both consumption, local production (eg solar, co-generation) and storage (ex. battery pack) of electricity.

The system, thought to be integrated with future SmartGrid, is able to process monitored data and present them to the user also integrating with online services.

SMYTER system can be also interfaced with home automation buses in order to undertake autonomous actions to reduce overall energy consumption, using as much as possible the energy available on site (minimizing the energy exchange with the public electricity grid) and limit the cost of electric bill.

Co-funded by: POR MARCHE FESR 2007-2013 - Intervento "Promozione della ricerca industriale e dello sviluppo sperimentale nelle PMI (Legge 27/10/1994 Art.11 N.598)"