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NU-Core is an innovative and smart approach to DSP. NU-Core is a minimal DSP board ready to be combined with application-oriented daughter boards. Each application calls for different hardware requirements: with NU-Core only the bare minimum hardware must be redesigned or upgraded. Since cost is a major issue on new developments or prototypes, all the effort can be put on the application-specific hardware saving a considerable amount of time and money.

Reusable hardware and reusable code are key to deliver projects in budget and in time. Maximum flexibility is garanteed by NU-Core open architecture and firmware upgradability. NU-Core is first choice for computational intensive applications where floating point architecture enables engineers to rapidly and effectively port audio algorithms already developed and tuned on pc.

Take a look at our NU-Tech platform to implement, testing and realtime tuning your algorithms on a pc. Complex multi channel scenarios can be easily set up at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. The plugin architecture and the streaming mechanism - purposely thought for real time applications - makes it easy porting your work to the final target.

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