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Improve the quality of your sound system adopting suite: a blend of digital signal processing techniques for enhancing music and speech program material in noisy environments.

: is a digital room correction algorithm designed for small spaces such as cars, yachts and helicopters cabins. It provides impulse response optimization and loudspeaker response correction in short time with repeatable and stable results.

: is an algorithm developed to improve 3D perception and create an immersive audio experience using a simple stereo source. The algorithm can be targeted to different reproduction setups and can be adjusted to the desired degree of intensity

: is a bass enhancement algorithm based on a psychoacoustic approach. It is best suited for small loudspeaker installations where lowest frequencies are not correctly reproduced. Lightweight algorithm with low impact on CPU load.

: is an adaptive algorithm to improve intelligibility and restore audio spectrum balance in noisy and hursh environments. A psychoacoustic approach is used to match human perception and take advantage of spectral masking effect.

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